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home sweet home show 2015 flyer

  • home show

    the north platte homebuilders association hosts a world-class home show every year in february. there is opportunity for a variety of exhibitors to be available to show off their great ideas and products to the community. those who attend can find everthing for their home projects and remodeling endeavors. plans are in the works for the 2014 home show that you are sure to want to put on your calendar. check back soon for details!


  • members

    membership in the north platte homebuilders association carries with it the benefit of having a forum to associate with businesses involved in similar enterprises. regular association meetings afford opportunities to make business practices and accessories available to other members. the connection with the larger association   is an association with quality and with conducting business with known entities or individuals


  • about us

    the north platte homebuilders association is the primary trade association providing resources and networking contacts to individuals and entities involved in the residential housing market within north platte and the surrounding area. the association offers leadership and education in all aspects of the residential housing industry, from construction issues to financing and quality of life concerns for the residents of the north platte area.

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