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Career Paths

Your Career Path in the Construction Industry can lead you anywhere you want to go.

If you think that becoming a skilled trades-person is a dead-end for your career, think again. You can climb far and high in the construction industry.

Your Skills are Transferable

The skills you learn for one trade can often lead logically to another. For Example:

  • Welders, ironworkers and boilermakers all work with similar materials and equipment.

  • A crane operator already has many of the skills it takes to become a heavy equipment operator.

Your experience as a skilled tradesperson can lead to other paths down the road.

  • higher management

  • other areas of construction like health and safety, training and education, engineering and science, or administration

  • starting your own business

Create your one path

A career in the construction idusrty can start at different points for different people. There's no one path for everyone, as you'll see from these construction "insiders:"

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